How do you launch an energy drink
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Most South Australians know the value of a vote. However, there has been growing disillusionment with the democratic process, particularly with younger people, many feeling their opinion doesn’t count for much.

With the 2018 State Election approaching, the Electoral Commission of South Australia faced lower voter engagement and turnouts. The agency was tasked with turning this around, driving enrolment and explaining the value of using your vote.


The agency’s strongest insight was a simple one: whilst there are a huge variety of ways to express an opinion in 2018 – social media, blogging, sharing, etc. – the most effective is to ‘Put your Vote Where your Voice is’.

The campaign ran through three phases, all anchored by this platform and optimistic, light-hearted tone. The “opinion bubble” represented the equally valuable opinions we carry with us every day.


Running across a range of media, the campaign proved highly effective by remaining focused on its simple message.

The client was incredibly happy with the results of the campaign, as well as their experience of working with the agency throughout the process.

Electoral Commissioner Mick Sherry called the campaign “one of the best in Australia”.