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How do you empower South Australians with their own private power supply?
Home Battery Scheme

Home Battery Scheme

South Australia has had problems with its power supply before – in fact, it’s been a hot political topic for years.

In 2018, the State Government introduced their Home Battery Scheme, giving grants to South Australian households to install their own solar power storage batteries.

This would mean them having more control over their own supply, and their own power bills too. The agency just had to let people know about it.


With reliable power being a serious topic for South Australians, the agency knew the campaign had to be relatable, showing an understanding of the real importance of energy to everyday life.

The resulting campaign proudly declared that affordable, reliable power, finally, was here – meaning you could go about your own daily routine with confidence, thanks to having your own energy supply.


The simplicity and clarity of the campaign’s look and messaging has been well-received, both by the client and the public as the Home Battery Scheme continues to roll out.

Applications for both the grant and solar panel installation subsidies have easily performed well against key performance indicators, and the Scheme is on track to be installed in 40,000 South Australian homes.